Out The Door Topcoat Review

2 years ago

Out The Door Topcoat Review

Hey luuuxers,

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a huge nail polish junkie. I love giving myself bright, and unique manicures. And one thing I can`t live without is my Seche Vite quick dry top coat.

However, Seche Vite does sometimes create some `shrinkage` when it dries, leaving a strange line usually around the edges of your nail.

I have steadily ignored that problem for years since you can`t usually tell unless you are super up close, and I loved the fast drying formula since it allows me to not have to wait for my nails to dry. Seche Vite does also have the issue that it thickens as you get towards the end of the bottle. I have been able to solve that problem with a little bit of polish thinner, but it is an unfortunate hassle.

But a little while ago, I heard about Out the Door topcoat, which has the same quick drying properties, but doesn`t create any shrinkage or pulling of the polish below it.

So when I was in NYC this summer, I totally picked up a bottle when I was visiting a Harmon`s store. I know that Out the Door is available in Canada, but it is not easily found compared to Seche Vite.

After trying it throughout the summer, I already repurchased a bottle during a visit to one of my favourite beauty supply outlets.

It had become my `go-to` and totally beats Seche Vite. The both do an awesome job of drying super quickly and creating a great shine, but Out The Door hasn`t caused any shrinkage or pulling so far! And though I haven`t hit the halfway mark on my first bottle just yet, it hasn`t shown any signs of thickening up on me! :)

I have a bottle of Seche Vite I had purchased as back up, but I may just give it away to my sister now that I have found my new holy grail top coat! :)


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