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5 years ago

Hey Luuuuxers
How was your day?! my day was alright... Today my friend(the girl in the picture) had a game against an another school, it was very intense, no kidding~ they won. Anyways thats not the point of this post. At lunch i brought my sragither to school because i woke up late and wanted to sraight my hair because it was so ugly in the morning. Some people think im crazy for bring it but i see nothing wrong with that! In HK, almost every student brought there`s hahha. Anyways, i straight my hair and helped my friend curl her hair! took me about 20 minutes~ but i got it done before the game start. And plus we were going to this thing where we had to rest fancy and she wanted her hair to be curled. I straight my hair up and yea! And for the people that want to know what i use, its call Her Style, sold in malls~

And OH i wore this to school today. We had on our jersey with our number on the back, with bright white softball pants with our red belt which you can not see being tucked in and covered by the big jerseys. We wore yellow socks today.


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