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4 years ago

For dinner tonight I made a smoked, glazed ham half (boneless), garlic mashed potatoes, and a green bean casserole. I had a few things that I could make for dinner but I asked my husband what he was in the mood for and he said to do the ham. Soo...that is exactly what we had.

For the ham, I placed a ham half into a small baking dish. I chopped up an onion and a carrot and put them all around the base of the ham. Then, in a bowl I mixed some dijon mustard, honey, and the juice of an orange. I poured some of that over the ham and then quartered the orange and put the orange in with the veggies. I covered the dish with some foil and that went into the oven for about a half hour. After the first half hour, I pulled it out of the oven, uncovered it, and brushed on more of the glaze. I put it back into the oven and continued to remove and glaze every 10 minutes or so.

For the potatoes I peeled and chopped up 4 large potatoes and about 5 or 6 garlic cloves and put them into some salted water to boil and soften. Once soft, I drained off the water, put them into a bowl and added some butter, sour cream, milk, salt, and pepper. I mashed that all together. Those were extremely simple to put together.

For the greenbean casserole I emptied some frozen french cut green beans into a baking dish and combined some milk, pepper, cream of mushroom soup, and French`s onion straws together. That went into the oven for about 45 minutes. I removed it from the oven and layered more onion straws over the top and it went back into the oven for about 5 minutes.

All in all, the meal was delicious but easy to put together. I had to babysit the ham a bit just because of the glazing, but it really wasn`t a difficult task at all.


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