Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel

Now, by looking at my photo at the moment it wouldn`t look like it, but I have insanely curly hair. The picture is old, and when I get around to it I will change it and then this will make better sense. I have tried almost every drugstore hair care brand for "curly hair." I have very tight curls, near the top of my head, and the closer you get to my neck the curls get softer. Frizz was an issue I had in middle school and the first year or two of high school. (I am in college now) My hair does not get too frizzy as long as it isn`t insanely humid out, which then I will hide in my dark airconditioned house. (lol) I have no dabbled into higher end products and this one is very nice. I have tried a few other ouidad products then I will review next. This gel is $22 so it is on the expensive side, they do offer for $25 dollars a trial of various minis, which I think is worth the money! This gel doesn`t make my hair hard and crunchy. I HATE the crunch of mousse and gel products, but it is the only type of product that holds my hair down. I wouldn`t say my hair is frizzy, but I would more say "fuzzy." The curls just get a litle bit broken apart and out of wack. I suggest this product for people who need the hold of a mousse, but HATE the crunch....crunchcrunchcrunch...

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