Ouch! Five Dangerous Sports!

4 years ago

Yet another interested topic my friend and I talked about. It amazes me how I can carry a conversation about Sports knowing that I don`t play any at. My friend asked me to list a few dangerous sports out there. I said football since I watch the games on a daily bases. I see how these players fly here and there. How they land a bad way will put them to risk. I decided to look more into the subject so there`s a site that listed five dangerous sports out there.
Gymnastics; with this type of sports you can break a bone, sprain, strain, dislocate and injury your head.
Cheerleading: with this type of sports anything is possible. Some girls catch themselves out of breath or have trouble breathing. Also landing wrong can put yourself in a bad situation.
Football: as I mentioned earlier with this type of sports is dangerous. Some players suffered from head injury from playing football. Some passed away I should say. :/
Lacrosse: with this sport you can get yourself into a cardiac arrest if you don`t be careful. I heard a few years ago 23 players suffered from trigger injury and sad to say only four survived.
Ice Hockey: with this type of sports you can get your in a situation where a concussion can take place. Overall, it`s crazy how people can get injury playing these types of sports. All I gotta say is that try need to be careful everything they do. Questionnaire: 1. Which sports do you think is worst to have? 2. Did you play sports in school? Follow, rate & comments. Check source link for credits. http://www.funcage.com/blog/dangerous-sport/ sports

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