Oscar Nominated Review - Silver Linings Playbook

4 years ago

Hi everyone!
Today I saw the romantic drama movie Silver Linings Playbook. It stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert de Niro, Chris Tucker and Jackie Weaver. This movie is nominated for 8 academy awards: best picture, best director, best actor (Bradley Cooper), best actress (Jennifer Lawrence), best supporting actor (Robert de Niro), best supporting actress (Jackie Weaver), best adapted screenplay and best film editing.
When Pat comes home from his work he finds his wife, Nikki, in the shower with a man, while their wedding song was playing. Pat nearly beats the man to death and he is later admitted in a mental health facility. 8 months later Pat, who has a bipolar disorder, is released from the mental health facility into the care of his parents. Pat is still obsessing over Nikki and he thinks that if he gets his life back on track they will get back together, however, Nikki moved away from their town and she has a restraining order against him.
One night, hes invited to dinner with his friend Ronnie and his wife and thats where he meets Tiffany, a young widow that also has a lot of problems. Pat and Tiffany somehow develop a friendship and, when he learns that Tiffany knows Nikki, he tries to communicate with Nikki by sending Nikki a letter through Tiffany. Tiffany offers to give that letter to Nikki if Pat agrees to be her partner in a dance competition.
It was a nice but kind of odd movie. It was weird seeing that Pat still loved Nikki so much after what she did to him I guess the message of this movie is no matter how messed up you are, theres somebody out there for you, so stay positive.
I liked this movie but I dont think it should win the best picture award or the best supporting actor award though I think Jackie Weaver should definitely win the award for best supporting actress.
I give this movie a 7 out of 10 (7/10).

- Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook?
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