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Ok so I know that this movie came out a long time ago, but me and my sister just saw it last night. This movie, Orphan, is about a couple who lost their baby, and decide to adopt another kid.
Things start to get really weird after Ester moves in and everyone seems to realize it but the dad. But what can they do? Two of them are just kids, and the other is their ex-alcoholic mother, Kate. Who`s gonna believe them? Kate is determined to keep her family safe from Ester and upon closer inspection of Ester`s records, learns that she is actually a 33 year old woman with a disease that causes her to look like a child. She has a history of manipulating people to get what she wants. Now the question is how do we get rid of her?
My friend couldn`t sleep for days after she saw this movie but I`m not usually scared my scary movies, and this was no exception. To me the movies aren`t really that frightening, its just the thought of "what if that happened to me?"
Any suggestions for scary movies to watch? (:
leave your thoughts below !

Source link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1148204/

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