ORLY Nail Defense Nail Treatment

4 years ago

This is a nail treatment for Orly to help weak nails. My nails were getting extremely weak and thin. It would break or split easily since I was growing them long. I assumed they had gotten thin due to the frequent use of nail polishes and using the harsh acetone chemical for polish removal. Hmmm, or it could also be a combination with age, genes, and diet. Anyways, I went into Sally Beauty Supply specifically looking for OPI`s Nail Envy which is a similar treatment. They didnt have it so I decided to pick this up instead. It ranges from $7-10. Its my first time using it. The package states that it: has proteins & nourishes, bonds, seals, and strengthens the nails. This will prevent chipping, splitting, and breakage. Sounds good to me!! You`re suppose to use it every other day as a base coat (under polishes) and also can be used as a top coat (to seal). I`ve used it for 2 months now (but not as often as recommended). I do notice my nails getting stronger. They dont feel as thick as I would like but I havent had splitting yet. Even with my longer almond shaped nails, I dont feel it bending. I think I need to give this product more time to see a bigger difference. So far..... not a bad product. Overall, if you paint your nails often, its always good to use some kind of treatment for your nails, whether it be a cuticle oil, anti-yellowing base coat, or strengthener. I still want to try the OPI nail envy next though.

Source link: http://www.sallybeauty.com/Orly-Nail-Defense/SBS-654524,default,pd.html

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