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4 years ago

I love love love skin care and I`m always on the hunt for new things to try. One of the products that I`ve been DYING to try is the Origin`s VitaZing with SPF 15. It`s a moisturizer but it is suppose to have added ingredients to make our skin improve in overall health.

<strong>http://Origins.Com says:</strong>
"This multi-tasking moisturizer handles the vital jobs of hydrating, energizing and protecting to maintain skin`s momentum all day. Gives skin the refreshing zing of antioxidant-rich Mangosteen. And adds a healthy hit of radiance that mimics the glow you get from a week`s vacation. All in 10 seconds max. Slip it on first thing tomorrow - you`ll look like you eat right, sleep tight & don`t
have a worry in sight"

I haven`t seen any miracles with this yet, but it`s a lightweight moisturizer that doesn`t make me any more oily than I already am. lol So that`s good enough for me in my book! I find that it absorbs into the skin quickly while reducing a little bit of the redness I have in my cheek and nose area which is always a plus. Yay for less concealer! lol Lastly, it has SPF which we all need to protect our skin from sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and cancer.

For me, I don`t have any cons with this product. However, I wish that this did have a mattifying agent. Then it would be PERFECT! It has a slight `herbal` scent but it`s not as strong as some of the other Origin`s products that I`ve tried before. I think the price is reasonable for the amount you get. A 1.7 oz bottle is $35 USD but they have sales so you can always get it cheaper.

<strong>What`s your go to moisturizer? To all my oily ladies out there, how do you keep yourself matte all day long?</strong>

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