Original Moose Tracks Alaskan Classics Ice Cream

I haven`t had ice cream in ages so when I went grocery shopping I decided to buy one miniature Ice Cream. I normally would pick out mint or cookies and cream but I decided to try this ice cream that has a super long name <em>Original Moose Tracks Alaskan Classics Ice Cream</em>. What caught my attention was that there`s peanut butter cups AND fudge, yum! I had this as a dessert this afternoon and the Ice Cream was "okay". The vanilla ice cream wasn`t as good as I hoped but I do like the peanut butter cups and fudge. The only bummer is that it came with a crappy spoon, it`s not even a spoon. It`s like a wooden stick your doctor would put in your mouth. But then again, this was cheap it was like 89ยข. However, if you`re a fan of this they also sell it in the bigger version. I only ate half way and was sick of it. It`s good for when you`re craving Ice Cream but I wouldn`t repurchase. If I can`t finish this which is maybe like 1-2 scoops then it`s not for me. But it wasn`t disgusting that I couldn`t eat.. I`d say this is an "okay" Ice Cream.

<strong>What`s in "Original Moose Tracks Alaskan Classics Ice Cream"?</strong>
Vanilla ice cream
Mini peanut butter cups
Moose track fudge

<strong>Have you ever tried Original Moose Tracks Alaskan Classics Ice Cream? If so what did you think of the ice cream? If not, what`s your favorite ice cream flavor?</strong>

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