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She smiles even though she`s sad
Oh she pretends to never be mad
But what is really going on inside?
She tries her hardest just to make it through
But it doesn`t help to be hurt by you
She is covered in her happy lies.

She goes home, she breaks herself
If you knew, would you try to help?
Your words are the scars on her arms
They`re the tear drops falling in the dark.

She wears sweats because you say she`s big
Oh she tears herself up when you make the noise like a pig
But do you know the reasons why?
She won`t eat for days and works herself to the bone
She throws up in the bathroom the minute she gets home
She`s beginning to wonder why she even tries.

She goes home, she sees nothing but pounds
If you knew, would you still put her down?
One word and its another surgery mark
They`re the tear drops falling in the dark.

He`s come out now, he`s finally brave
He told his friends and parents that he`s gay
You come around with you pain
He got called a fag, he can`t take it anymore
All his troubles are now floating to the shore...
And you only have yourself to blame.

He goes home and sees no reason to live
If you could only just know this
Your words are the reason why he`s gone today
Now what kinds of things do you have to say?
Oh your words took the beating of his heart
You`re the tear drops falling in the dark.

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