Origami Rose

5 years ago

Hello all!!
I was making a birthday card for a friend the other day, and decided it might be cool to have an origami rose on it. As it turns out apparently origami roses (or at least the one I made) was a bit too big and heavy, and glue sticks aren`t strong enough to hold them, while stronger wet glue seeps through the paper and....well...let`s just say it didn`t work out as well as I was hoping it would.
But the process was still fun, arts and crafts! The origami rose was much harder than I had been anticipating, the steps are simple enough, but actually doing it all was much harder! The paper had to be bent and folded just right, and somehow mine just weren`t turning out! I had to try making several, and tinker with them to get them to look presentable Even so I don`t think that my origami roses turned out quite the way they were supposed to (at least they weren`t exactly as the instructions had indicated), but it still turned out decently. ( I think...hope haha) Guess I`m not quite the origami master yet. :P

Have you guys ever made origami roses? anybody have more luck than me?

*text and pictures are mine* instructions by barbabellaatje from youtube, link included.

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq0WKQZMnt8

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