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5 years ago

So he is called the Stylo Eyeliner Oriflame Beauty and the color is Green. He has 1.6ml of product and cost around 12 on normal price, but many catalogs have it on sale for 8 or something like that, that still seems a bit expensive, but relatively reasonable.

It is a relatively new product, which comes in three colors (black, brown and green) and promises to help "achieve extreme accuracy and color" and a "precise application of color that dries in a few seconds" and that "no blurs or disappears ".

Now, they are right about one thing: the end is really quite fine and precise, no doubt, but either I`m stupid, or where she throws paint should not when it should not. In the picture because he was not seen again, but if they see me now, any tip is surrounded by paint, and I invariably dirty fingers when open. In comparison, when I try to save the eye from side to make a line, he has not come out ... no joke?

But ready, probably my fault that I had never used one of these before, and I do not know how they work. The truth is that when we catch the right position of the pen, it`s actually very accurate, and able to create very fine lines, even with people who are very inexperienced.

As for color, they are right. It may not seem in the photo, because is a little blurry and the light is not ideal, but it is a medium-dark green very intense and vibrant, with a touch glossy / metallic, but more when she gives birth directly and as it dries .

Another thing that is absolutely true is that it does not smudge, especially after early, but even when it`s dry, perhaps to dry so fast. And it costs to leave. Even. I do not go out with water, and not go out with soap and water as well. And I know because it is a nightmare to remove from hands. The best way to take is to press the cotton makeup remover on it, to undo it.

Final Score: 10 out of 10.

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