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2 years ago

I have spent the past couple weeks going through my closets and getting rid of shoes, clothes, and accessories. A few times a year I like to really just go through my stuff and get rid of things I don`t wear or use and, so far, I`ve done quite a good job on minimizing my belongings! Last weekend, I tackled my jewelry. I organized a bunch of it, got rid of quite a few things, and even got rid of one of my jewelry cases that I`ve had since I was a kid. Yay progress!

One of the biggest helps in organizing my jewelry has been this divided jewelry holder that I got a few years ago from my Mom. Before that, my jewelry was scattered all over the place and my bracelets and necklaces didn`t really have a home. Each square in the holder holds specific bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. It`s helped me keep my jewelry all in one place and easily accessible!

One of the biggest problems with jewelry, at least in my opinion, is that you really have to see it if you want to wear what you have. That means, then, that displaying pieces is crucial to getting use out of them. But how can you display everything without taking up boatloads of space and making things look cluttered (you can only have so many display cases and bars or walls before it gets overwhelming and diminishes a lot of space)? This organizing `tray` is great for assigning certain spaces for pieces so you can see them without taking up too much space. A tray like this easily fits into a vanity or dresser drawer, or on a shelf in a closet or on a dresser. Whenever I want to wear something different or new, I just take out this tray and glance at what I`ve got! It`s easy, space-saving, and convenient :)

Stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls tend to have these organizing trays super cheap all the time. And they always come in really cool designs! Check them out if you`re looking for something similar :)


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