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2 years ago

Shoe storage used to be a nightmare for me... piles of them in my closet, just tossed together on the ground. Or else thrown under my bed. Within the past couple years, though, I found a way to store my shoes AND keep them organized!

I use one of the large plastic Steralite drawers (I never use the wheels they come with). It`s perfect because it has three drawers that are pretty deep which are great for storing shoes. They`re easily located at Target and Walmart which are convenient :) See the second picture to take a look at what they look like!

Here`s what you should do to keep your shoes stored and organized!

1. Get Rid of What You Don`t Wear
Haven`t worn a pair of shoes in a year or two? Donate them. Chances are, you probably won`t reach for them if you haven`t done so already, and they`re only taking up room now.

2. Organize Shoes Into Categories
To maximize the organization potential of the three storage drawers, I organized my shoes into three main categories: `party` shoes, work shoes, and flats/sandals. Each drawer is home to a different type of shoe and this keeps them very easy to find and manage!

3. Put Shoes Into Designated Drawers
I designated the bottom drawer as the drawer for my party and `going out` heels - the ones which really tall heels and platforms, the ones with bling, etc. My third picture illustrates this. The middle drawer houses all my work heels - ones that aren`t too tall and are appropriate for work (see 4th picture). And the top drawer houses my flats and sandals since these are my more casual shoes (see 5th pictures). Organizing them this way keeps the heaviest shoes on the bottom and the lightest shoes on the top.

4. Stick To Your Storage
In order for organization to work, you have to keep up with it! No tossing in flats with heels and vice versa. I`m very good at returning each pair to where they belong after every time I wear them. It keeps everything in its rightful place.

This system has worked for me for years now and I love it! It`s space efficient and easy to navigate and keep up with. It also lets me see which shoes I wear most often.

Let me know how you store and organize your shoes!

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