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If you`re like me you have TONS of make up. Its fun its girly and it sometime sparkles--whats not to love. Anyway sometimes storing and using it can be a bit of a problem. Think about it. Here are some steps to help you organize your make up and hopefully make getting ready in the morning a little more enjoyable.

Step 1: Toss

I know its painful, but really the first step in organizing ANYTHING is tossing what you don`t wear, is the wrong shade or is too old. Yes make up actually expires. Here is a short list of how long everything lasts. But pretty much a basic no brainer rule: smell it. You`ll know if you need to throw it out.
Concealer Up to 12 months.
Powder 2 years.
Eyeshadow Will also last up to 3 years.
Foundation:: A water-based foundation will last up to 12 months, oil-based will last up to 18 months.
Mascara This product expires the fastest: Throw out after 4 months.
Nail Polish Up to 12 months,
And remember once you throw away the old you get to buy NEW!

Step 2: Sort

Lay down a towel (or two) on your bedroom floor and layout all your make up so you can see everything you have. There are a few different ways to sort make up. And really its whatever works best for you.
-By occasion (work/school, party, on the go, etc)
-By type (lipsticks together, eyeshadow together, etc)
-By color
I prefer the first method simply because I can then store them that way too. But really its whatever works for you. So make little groups of your make up.

Step 3: Store

Here is the tricky part. If a storage solution isn`t easy to maintain you`re newly organized make up will be a disheveled mess in no time. So think this one through. There are a variety of different make up storage containers and its really up to your personal preference, decor or your room/bathroom, etc. Also if you plan to travel with your make up you may need a storage container that can easily be transferred between bags, or is a carrying case all on its own. These different cases can be bought at Target, Sephora, pretty much anywhere. They can be expensive, economical or free with purchase. Really think about your needs before purchasing things. Here are some ideas:

Train Case
Drawer organizer
Acryllic countertop display thinger
Ziplock bags
Decorative boxes

Step 4: Maintain.

Whatever method you pick you have to be able to maintain the system. Here are some tips:
-Try to put everything away before bed, like when you`re brushing your teeth or something. that way you wake up to a clean counter in the am.
-Label!!! I love labeling you can use an actual label maker, small post-its or whatever. But if you know where to put everything then you`ll remember to.

Hope that was helpful. Good Luck! Let me know how it works out.

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