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2 years ago

I always somehow end up with tons of random samples and freebies... I don`t know how they accumulate, they just do. I used to keep them in a basket but it was unorganized and I realized I never used any of them. I decided to reorganize my sample and freebie products and now they get used up much quicker!

I use a small plastic Sterilite set of drawers (see picture 2). It`s perfect for small-sized products and especially those freebies that come from Sephora and even in magazines.


1. Clean Out Your Samples/Freebies
There is no use in hanging on to sample products and freebies if you know you`re not going to use them. Don`t have died hair? Don`t keep the sample of color restore shampoo. Don`t have tan skin? Don`t keep that sample of dark foundation. By eliminating products, you`ll have a much more workable stash. I always try to give away whatever I know I won`t use.

2. Organize Samples/Freebies Into Categories
By using the three drawers in my organizer, I divvy up my samples and freebies into three categories:
-Hair treatments and hair product pairs (see picture 3)
-Shampoos and conditioners singles (see picture 4)
-Face and body (see picture 5)
This way, each drawer has its own unique set of products I can reach for and it makes them easier to find, too. I also travel quite a bit, so having these samples and freebies easily accessible makes it easy for me to throw them into my bag when I travel and avoid having to carry bulky bottles with me!

3. Keep Your Collection Clean and Organized
Now that your samples and freebies are organized and easily accessible, it`s important to keep them this way. Use up things when you can to make room for the new products you receive. Make sure to keep up your system - categorize the items whenever you put them away!

I keep this set of drawers beneath my bathroom sink so it`s off my countertop, but still accessible. It`s also perfect for guests who stay over and who may have forgotten to bring something like shampoo or moisturizer!

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