Organix Macadamia Oil Hair Mask

I`ve always wanted to try a macadamia oil hair mask, so when I got this one I was pretty excited to try it! It has sugar cane and bamboo extract to help mend split ends. I don`t really believe it`s possible for any product to mend split ends, but I guess you can prevent breakage and split ends.

The instructions say you can put this in to dry hair and leave it on underneath a shower cap for 20 minutes. If you just washed your hair and it`s wet, you just have to leave it on for 3-5 minutes. I tried it both ways and it really doesn`t make a difference which method you use, the result seems to be the same. What I liked about this mask was that it smelled great and didn`t make my hair feel greasy after use. What I didn`t like about it was that it wasn`t extremely hydrating, didn`t make my hair feel any softer, and I really haven`t noticed that much of a difference. I like using conditioners and hair masks, where my hair just feels so much softer after I wash out the product. If you`ve used a good conditioner before, you`ll know I`m talking about.

Ultimately, I wouldn`t say this is a bad product. It might be more beneficial for someone who really does have dry hair and needs a boost. Otherwise if you`re hair is already healthy, and you`re just trying different products to maintain it, this is not something you need. It`s regular price is about $8, and I would consider that pricey for a small tub like this.

<strong>Product Grade: C</strong>

<em>Do you use hair masks? Have you tried Macadamia oil products?</em>

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