Organix Coconut Milk Radiance Mask Product Conclusion Review

5 years ago

This is another product conclusion review! It`s a small series of reviews of products I have finished using because we all know our impressions of products can change over time, and by the end, that`s when we`re sure whether or not we`ll repurchase the product.


This product doesn`t just last 1-2 months, it lasted about 7-8. I realized I was using way too much of it, a thin layer is enough to do this job! I don`t know what made me think I needed a thick heavy layer! Just follow the instructions!

<strong>FINAL THOUGHTS</strong>

I would definitely repurchase this mask on a whim. The reason being that I love trying different masks, so even if I really love a certain mask, I wouldn`t continue to repurchase the same one over and over again. I would recommend this to a friend because it does make your skin so much brighter and softer, and the results last! Have you ever noticed that after you shower and wash your face, your skin just looks really radiant, but at the end of the day, it doesn`t appear that way anymore? That`s most likely because your skin isn`t really moisturized well enough, and I do think with this mask and the use of a good moisturizer, you can have that same after-shower radiance all day (;

Particularly for women in their early 30`s+ , I think you would really enjoy this product along with any anti-aging skincare products you`re using. My mom loves this mask just as much as I do, and both she and I can notice a difference in her skin, it just looks little brighter, which can make you appear a little more youthful.

<strong>This was about $9 at Ulta.</strong>

And the reason mine is so torn open, is because I wanted to scrape the remaining product out. I was surprised at how much leftover product came out. I got about 6+ uses out of the remaining product. If you could get this product in a pot form rather than this squeeze tube one, I would recommend the pot one! I`m not sure if they have a pot form though because I`ve never seen any of their face masks sold in different packaging.

<strong>What are some of your favorite face masks? Do you use face masks regularly? Do you prefer sheet masks or a cream kind like this?


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