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This is a new product line from Organix, called Repairing Awapuhi Ginger. My local CVS only sells the shampoo & conditioner so im not sure if there are styling products or deep treatment masks that go with this line. I only purchased the shampoo for a couple reasons 1) I didn`t want to invest too much money into a full line which i may or may not like, and 2) Trying the shampoo first and by itself usually gives me a good idea of the way the rest of the line will work with my hair type. Then i can decide if i want to purchase more products from it or not.

<strong>Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo</strong>
<ol>"Indulge in a lavish, moisturizing creamy shampoo infused with the Hawaiian beauty secret of rich awapuhi ginger extract to instantly mend and soften dry, coarse hair while stimulating the scalp with freshness, rich keratin proteins fortify each strand creating restored, soft, strengthened hair from the inside out."

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<strong>My Opinion:</strong>

*WITHOUT conditioner & styling products*
<ol>I simply got my hair wet with warm water, put a half-dollar sized amount of shampoo in my hand then lathered into my hair focusing on my roots, i then rinsed it cleaned with warm/cool water. The reason I concentrated on my roots only then let the water rinse the lather through my ends is so it didn`t dry them out too much. No conditioner and no styling products - i wanted to see what effect the shampoo had on its own.

This shampoo smells great, it has a scent thats hard to describe somewhere in between floral and fruity but very light and feminine at the same time. Not something i have smelled in a hair product before but very good all the same! The scent lingered for quite some time after my shower but wasn`t too strong. The shampoo itself was creamy and is a light pearly-pink color.

My hair was just a tad more difficult to comb afterwards than it normally is but that could be because i used no conditioner at all (i normally do). My hair felt light and clean but also soft, so the shampoo is moisturizing but definitely didn`t weigh my hair down at all. I allowed it to air dry for about 30 minutes (i had nothing else to do lol), then i did a quick blow-dry. My hair was easy to dry but did <em>look</em> a little drier than usual - even though it felt soft and seemed very shiny. Once again, this could be because i didn`t use a conditioner. </ol>

*WITH conditioner & styling products*
<ol>When i used this in conjunction with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Blow Out Creme, i did have better results. My hair was still shiny & soft but it didn`t look as dry anymore - it looked as soft as it felt while still being weightless. Not to mention it was faster to blow-dry, easier to style, and i didn`t get static throughout the day (which i sometimes do in winter). </ol>

Overall im pleased with this shampoo and im excited to see what effect it has on my hair over an extended period of time. However, i can already tell that if i want my hair to look as soft as it feels ill probably need a conditioner and/or split-end treatment every single time to keep it looking nice. No surprise for me, ive always had this issue. However, if you have super dry hair already this might not be the shampoo for you unless you plan to deep condition and use smoothing creams a lot.

Have you tried this new Awapuhi & Ginger line from Organix? If not, would you try it in the future?


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