Oreo Truffles

4 years ago

MMmm, if you love Oreo cookies, this is a must try. A few weeks ago I came across a recipe from a friend that had made these. I wanted to try myself since I had never got to taste them and was totally in the mood for something chocolaty. My daughter and I went to the store that morning. The recipe doesn`t call for much, which I`ll put down at the bottom. Got my items and hurried home. My daughter, went to work in the living room playing with her toys while I prepared these "Oreo Truffles". About an 2 hours later these truffles were chilled enough to eat. The richness in each bite was unbelievable!!! I kid you not, these were to die for. I ate about 4 until I felt sick. My daughter enjoyed them too!! When my husband came home, not a "sweets" person I begged him to try one, at least, for me!! He agreed and took a bite. He ended up eating the whole thing. Even though there small about 1-2" in size they are very filling because they are so delciously rich and smooth on the inside. These are a great idea for bringing to a party as a dessert, something new that the guests haven`t had or just keeping in the fridge for youself. Also very cute to decorate too. Highly recommend for all my chocolate lovers out there!!

What you`ll need:

1. Full pack of Oreo brand cookies
2. Chocolate Chips or candy melts
3. Cream Cheese (8oz)
4. 2 large cookie sheets
5. Large zip lock bag
6. Wax paper
7. Bowls (large and medium)
8. Fork (help dip Oreo balls into melted choc)
9. Rolling pin


1. Start by taking all the Oreos out of the package and put them into a large ziplock bag. Close the ziplock bag, now take your rolling pin and begin crushing the Oreos.

2. Once the oreo`s are all crushed take the bag and pour into a large bowl. Add the cream cheese, make sure the cream cheese is room temperature so its easier to work with.

3. Begin mixing the cream cheese and oreo mix together. You want it to form into a large ball.

4. Take your cookie sheets and line with wax paper. Start taking the mix and rolling into 1" balls.

5. Refrigerate for about 1 hour or until firm

6. Microwave chocolate chips or candy melts for 30 secs each stirring each time.

7. Take the truffles out of the fridge and begin dipping each one using a fork to help.

8. Place on wax paper lined cookie sheet, place in fridge for about 1-2 hours.

9. Enjoy

Now on a side note, these must be refrigerated since they contain cream cheese.

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