Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies!

4 years ago

*picture was found on the website in the source link section because I didn`t take a picture the times I made these :P

Crunchy yet moist oreo stuffed cookies! Magical looking but really simple to make :) A quick recipe that any cookie lover would love.
I have made these cookies twice before and I L O V E these. Two of my favourite cookies are oreos and chocolate chip cookies so this recipe was perfect for me.

- Cookie dough (I just buy it pre-packaged by Pilsbury to shorten the whole process but here is a link to a good homemade one: http://spoonful.com/recipes/chocolate-chip-cookie-dough
- Baking Tray
- Cooking Spray, Tinfoil, or non-stick baking sheet
- Oreo Cookies (golden or original)
- An Oven

STEP 1: Prepare your baking tray as well as pre-heating the oven to 350 degrees (F).

STEP 2: Take a ball of cookie dough about half or a third the size of the palm of your hand (or even more if you want a very large cookie) and roll the dough into a ball.

STEP 3: Split and/or cut the dough ball in half and place an oreo cookie between the two balls of dough.

STEP 4: Mold the cookie dough around the oreo cookie gently so that you don`t crush the cookie with the palm of your hands until the cookie is enclosed in the dough.

*TIP* Do not flatten the dough too much around the oreo, just enough to cover it. If you flatten it too much, when the dough spreads out on the pan while cooking it will come out as a flat cookie with an oreo bump in the middle ruining the delicious surprise.

STEP 5: Re-peat until you have filled up your baking tray. Store any leftover cookie dough for later use.

STEP 6: Place the tray inside the already pre-heated oven (with oven mitts and of course once the oven is done heating up).

STEP 7: Let the cookies bake for about 8-14 minutes or until golden brown! Then let the cookies cool for about 5 minutes.

STEP 8: Enjoy your delicious cookies & share the recipe with others (:

Source link: http://www.beckybakes.net/2011/01/20/oreo-stuffed-chocolate-chip-cookies/

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