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2 years ago

Tim Hortons is a classic here in Canada. There are probably not too many Canadians you`ll meet that have never tried Tims. And just like every other person, a good donut can`t be resisted. The Oreo donut is one of the newest donuts around but I never got the chance to try it until recently.

While I was in line waiting to get my usual regular steeped tea, I glanced over at the donuts and had a strong urge to try the Oreo donut. The cookie crumble and icing were too tempting to say no to. And story short, I ended up finally trying it. (It kind of looks like an Oreo cookie if there was no squiggle of icing)

Compared to other donuts, this one is $1.49 instead of $0.99 since it is a `premium` donut. This donut is composed of three parts: the dough, the filling and the topping. The flavour used for the dough was chocolate. The filling is made up of a white, fluffy cream. And the topping has a layer of white icing that is sprinkled with Oreo cookie crumbles and on top of the cookie crumbles, there is a squiggle of white icing again (different from the layer of white icing).

-The dough: I couldn`t really taste the chocolate flavour since the topping was overpowering the whole donut.
-The filling: To me, I found that this tasted like Dunkaroos Vanilla Frosting Sprinkles! Fairly sweet but not as sweet as the topping.
-The topping: The sweetest layer of them all. The layer of white icing tastes exactly like the icing between the two Oreo cookies! And the cookie crumbles didn`t really have a taste to it since the layer of icing was so sweet. And the squiggly icing was also sweet.

Overall, I found this donut to be too sweet! I`m the type of person who can eat bags of cotton candy for dinner and not flinch at the sweetness, but this donut takes sweetness to a whole new level. Would I get this donut again? Probably not but if I did, I would definitely split it with someone else. Do I regret trying it? Not at all since I enjoy trying new foods and would probably regret not trying it if the donut got discontinued. If you are daring enough to try this super loaded donut of sugar, then go for it!

Have you tried this?

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