Ordered 3 Naked 2 Palettes!

OK so they are not all for me. One of them is, one will be for a giveaway, and one I will sell on eBay. I just checked & they are already going for $70!!! My boyfriend & I recently purchased a custom built townhouse from Toll Brothers. The floor is being put in this week & our closing is set for January 18th. I need all the spare change I can get to decorate our new home.

Back to the good stuff... Christine @ Temptalia did an awesome job of swatching the shades & comparing them. She received her`s today, so she rushed it a bit, but it`s still nice to see all the colors close up. Check it out here http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-naked-1-vs-naked-2-palette-dupes-comparison-swatches#comment-1115027

When I first saw Leesha`s tweet last night that she had her swatches up on Xsparkage (http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=4113&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+xsparkage+%28xsparkage%29) I think I died! I knew I had to have this palette. Why? Because I love Naked 1 & I love neutrals. I quickly went to the UD website and signed up for the e-mails (I already get them, but signing up again never hurts). They sent me an e-mail code for 10% off my next purchase. I really wasn`t expecting UD to start selling them today. I heard on Specktra they were going to wait until December 15th (I think, somewhere around mid- December). I`m glad I follow UD on Facebook, saw their post that it was on sale (way before I got the e-mail) and hurried over to get my order in. It was supper slow & I thought the site was going to crash before I could get it in. Luckily they didn`t sell our for a few hours. I was able to use the 10% coupon, so I saved some $$$$ on it too!

Don`t worry though, this was their marketing scheme. Only release 5,000 palettes on the first day. Slowly they will be selling more stock. Sephora & Ulta won`t get theirs until late December/ early January, so you won`t be getting you BI points unless you want to wait that long. I was surprised at the number of people yelling at Sephora on their FB page today. Like it was Sephora`s fault that UD didn`t give them palettes to sell in store or on-line today.

Did you order the Naked 2 today?
Will you order it?
What are your overall thoughts on the palette?

*Image is screen shot of my order confirmation*

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