ORDER #4: My First Louboutins!!!

4 years ago

i`ve been lusting after louboutins for quite a while now... who doesn`t want that GORGEOUS red sole??? at the price point that they retail for, i don`t think i could`ve ever put down that much money on one pair of shoes, especially heels. as a college student, i must admit i spend most of my time in flip flops, converse, and boots - never heels! i`m not walking to class in anything other than flats.

one of the things i love about luuux is getting the opportunity to own something like a pair of louboutins. i would otherwise have never been able to get these, but thanks to luuux, i have a pair of my very own.

getting these shoes has been quite an ordeal though. because louboutins are made by hand in italy, their stock is often scanty and the size/color/style you want isn`t always available. some people wait even a year to get the shoes that they want.

i placed my order in july and originally wanted the black patent simple 100. i checked everyday on http://saks.com (luuux`s supplier for louboutins) to see if they were available, and sadly they never became available. of course, being the impatient person that i am, i opted for the plain kid leather black simple 100s when ana, the shopkeeper, notified me that they were available. (i`m not gonna lie, i held out for quite a while until one day, i realized i wanted my shoes NOW!!!) i asked for her to place an order for the simple 100`s in black kid leather in size 36. i`ve never even tried on louboutins, but i did do a lot of digging on purse forum, and the ladies there seemed to believe i should size up half a size, so that`s what i did.

this story is getting really long at this point, so to make it brief, these ended up getting shipped to my college address before my home address when i was still at home! so i had to wait until i went back to school to get them. when i did ultimately get my hands on them, i found out they were not simple 100s. on the saks tag, for some reason the box had been labeled as black kid leather simple 100s, but the shoe was actually a patent black simple 85. i, for one, believe that if you`re gonna do louboutins, you gotta go for it and get that high heel height! i noticed when i put the 85`s on that they were also very large. i could comfortably put two fingers in the back of the shoe. not a good thing.

sooooo i had to go to saks and return the shoes. when i was there, i tried on a bunch but none of them were exactly what i wanted. the store i went to also didn`t have any simples in stock in my size. oh...great. more waiting :/ i did try on some styles that were not online. one of them, the decollette 100, i seriously contemplated getting. i had to be real though: those shoes KILLED my toes! oh, and while at the store, the SA told me that louboutin used to run super narrow/small, but in this year and last year`s seasons, the sizing has become larger, which is why the 36 was so big on me. i tried on a lot of 35.5`s and those were a better fit.

i came home that day and i wasn`t sure what to do. at that point, i had the merchandise credit but no shoes :(

ultimately, i decided to get the pigalle 100`s in beige kid leather from the saks site. they`re classic pointy toe pumps that i`m sure i`ll get a lot of wear with. HOWEVER, i discovered two things upon opening the box. 1) the shoe is still just a bit big AND i read a lot of comments on purse forum saying that these shoes will stretch. hopefully they won`t stretch length-wise! i think the 35 would have been too tight of a fit and in any case, it wasn`t available. 2) on the saks site, the shoe was photographed as having a tan color. when i got them, they were nude -_- good job saks on providing a good description... they`re actually a little light because i`m naturally quite dark, but they still look good on all the same :)

besides that, i`m just so happy now to have my shoes. AHHHHHH THEY`RE SO BEAUTIFUL I COULD JUST STARE AT THEM FOREVER. i contemplated putting them in a glass case and never wearing them, but these babies are meant to be worn ;)

and speaking of wearing them... as i said, they`re a bit large but they don`t slip off BECAUSE mr. louboutin was a genius and put a little elastic in the back that catches your heel! also, as i`ve said before, these should stretch a lot since they`re kid leather, but i`m hoping it won`t make these too big to wear. in that case, i`m gonna buy all the insoles in the world until they can be worn again :P the shoes are surprisingly comfortable for the heel height and pointy toe, which i`ve heard is supposed to squish your toes. i always thought i had wider feet, but i`ve realized my feet are actually average, and these are fine for me width wise.

<strong>THANK YOU TO LUUUX, ANA, AND ALL MY FRIENDS ON LUUUX WHO HAVE READ AND COMMENTED ON MY POSTS FOR THE (ALMOST) TWO YEARS I`VE BEEN HERE. this would not be possible without all of you and i`m extremely thankful for every single one of you :) </strong>

p.s. i have been moving into my apartment for the new school year and have fallen behind on reading/commenting/posting. once i`m settled, i`ll be a bit more active here!

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