Orange Battle In Italy

5 years ago

You might know the Tomatina festival, a Spanish festival where people throw tomatoes at each other and it has been replicated in more countries worldwide.
Well, in Italy an organization decided to take the same concept but give it a twist and so they created the Orange Battle. The concept is the same as Tomatina, throw stuff at other people but in here instead of tomatoes you throw oranges, so its a vitamin C rich festival.
The festival lasts 3 days and takes place in Ivrea, Italy on February, every year, using 400 tons of oranges that would be thrown away anyway in the festival ( i thought that it would be a waste of fruit, but since they would be thrown away i guess its ok).

This is a bit more "dangerous" than tomatina because the orange skin is harder and with impact, it can do some damage and so that is why some of the participants, especially those in the cars with the oranges, use a protective mask.

The festival does seem fun but it also seems like a good place to get some bruises lol still, its a cool idea to take the same concept but change it up a bit.

<strong>What do you think of this orange festival?
Would you like to participate? </strong>


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