Optimal yoga poses for women

5 years ago

We know yoga is super good to maintain body from inside out. There are so many kinds of yoga and you can choose the one that is on your comfort and desire. Here are list of poses that are beneficial to a women body and reason why. The information is gathered from the link below, so please check it if you need additional how-to.

Child`s Pose--This go-to rest pose opens hips and relieves low back tightness.
Downward Facing Dog--Down-Dog is a top-notch upper body-strengthener. And as an inversion (meaning your hips are higher than your heart), it increases circulation.
Warrior 2--This powerful pose will grant you long, lean, toned arms and legs as well as firmer core.
Plank Pose--Plank is a simple but challenging way to build upper body strength - it works all of the major muscles in your arms, back, and core and requires only your bodyweight.
Chair Pose--This pose is injury insurance, strengthening quadriceps, which provides stronger support around your knees, making them less prone to injury. Fierce pose also improves posture.
Tree Pose--On days when your mind feels scattered, practice this pose to get centered.
Garland Pose--Drop into this squat to relieve tummy troubles like constipation and cramps.
Boat Pose--Boat a bulletproof core without straining your neck like crunches do.
Bridge Pose--Bridge opens the chest and ribcage, deepening the breath and with more oxygen you can reenergize the body.
Half Lord of Fish--This pose massages improves digestion and increase blood flow in the low belly.
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Source link: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/yoga/yoga-for-women

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