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4 years ago

I wanted to share with you guys my experience with the combination of opti-free contact solution and acuvue contact lenses. The main reason I`m posting this is because I`ve read about other people that have had a similar issue with the combination of these two.

This year is the first year I`ve ever tried the Acuvue contact lenses. Previously I`ve tried the Korean Geo circle lenses, biomedic brand, and another brand that I can`t recall off the top of my head. All of which I have used with the Opti-free brand contact solution. I never had a problem with the contact solution until recently when I was prescribed acuvue because I had dry eyes.

The acuvue contacts helped with my dry eyes until recently about a month ago, I would wake up with extremely dry eyes and dried puss on my eyelashes. It wasn`t super gross or anything, but when you wake up to crispy bits on your eyes, you should investigate. Which I did and found other people with the same problem with the combination of the two.

I then switched to Renu contact solution and the problem went away. So after that I tried the opti-free solution again cause I still had two new bottles of it. I would soak the contacts in opti-free in the case when I`m not wearing them. Before putting on again, I rinsed off the lenses with Renu solution and I had no problems. Just as a warning, I don`t suggest you do this if your don`t have to. It works for me, but it might not work for you.

Have any of you guys had a similar experience with the combination of the two? What brands of contact solution do you guys prefer?

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