Opinions: Are Skinny Jeans Really Just for Skinny People?

5 years ago

Good evening, Luuuxers! I`m back today with a highly controversial topic over skinny jeans and the question is, are skinny jeans really only for skinny people? I`ve seen this question in many places before and I`ve seen alot of opinions on it so I wanted to ask for your opinions.

My Opinion:
I think that skinny jeans should be worn with some reserve but that curvy girls should be able to wear it as well! I`m naturally a skinny- built girl so skinny jeans are easy to find, wear, and pull off for me but often times when I see curvy girls in skinny jeans, I think they look amazing as well! My best friend, for example is curvy and she always wears skinny jeans which flatter her figure well. However with skinny jeans, you need to have some degree of shape (although it sounds mean to say) or else otherwise the legs begin to look too much like triangles! In general though, I think that skinny jeans should be worn by all types of girls as long as they`re confident and they feel beautiful.

What do you think on this topic?

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