OPI Serena Williams Duos - Great Deal!

5 years ago

Anybody who knows me, knows Im always on the lookout for great deals. I often go to warehouse sales and follow some websites to know what kind of great bargains I can grab around Toronto.

Another thing my friends would say is that Im really into recycling and being green. Even the littlest bits of paper and cardboard (like clothing price tags) I insist on recycling. I even have a small trash bin I use strictly for recycling in my bedroom!

So I recently discovered a place that combines these two things. It is a company committed to landfill diversions. Basically they take leftover products that arent sold in stores, or that a company makes too much off and prevent it from just being trashed. Its to try and prevent as much stuff from being sent to a landfill as possible. What cant be used is then disposed of safely.

One such type of product is makeup. Instead of overstock being thrown out, they take it and sell it to the consumer for a super low cost! They tend to get products that are being discontinued, limited edition, or stuff that a company made too much off.

I decided to stop by their warehouse and see what they had. The person there admitted that stuff doesnt stick around for long and they dont tend to get more than one shipment of an item so if you see something you want, you have to pick it up quickly.

They tend to have lots of hair products, but the first thing I noticed was that they had 2 of the Serena Willaims Glam Slam OPI duos for ONLY 5 DOLLARS!!! (A great deal considering, these were selling retail for $16.99 when they first came out, but I recently saw some going for $13.50 in stores)

The ones they had available are the U.S duo that has Love is a Racket and Pros & Bronze and one of the English Duos featuring Your Royal Shine-ness and Serving up Sparkle so I decided to pick up both.

I cant wait to go back and see what kind of deals I can score next time :)

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