Opi Nice Stems! Mini Collection.

4 years ago

from left to right; Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, Be a Dahlia Wont You? and I Lily Love You. Swatches are one coat only.

The Nice Stems collection from Opi isn`t a new collection, its one from last summer but ever since i saw it on Buyapowa the other month i wanted it! Iv never really been into mini polishes for the fact i thought they wouldn`t last very long but ever since my nail polish collection has grown huge i thought it was about time to start investing in minis instead, just in case i don`t use them all up in time. Thinking about it i don`t think iv ever used up a whole polish? maybe only one.

Anyway! The polishes in this collection are Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, Be a Dahlia Wont You? and I Lily Love You.

I have mixed feelings about some of these polishes and love some more than others, so here we go!

Play the Peonies; Is a Soft pale pink with lots of shimmer, It comes out rather opaque on its first coat but if you apply it `badly` then it can go rather streaky.

Come to Poppy; This is my favourite polish of the whole set, its a coral pink that looks good on its first coat (unless your like me and apply it rather bad when your trying to swatch it!) It does have allot of shimmer in it just like Play the Peonies.

Be a Dahlia Wont You?; Is a fuchsia colour that has more of a sparkle element rather than a shimmer. I cant say this is one of my favourites from the collection but it is growing on me. It seems to be one of the most streaky polishes out of the collection so it has to be applied carefully to get the best results.

I Lily Love You; This is the polish that drew me towards the mini set and the one that let me down the most, as you can see in my swatch or maybe cant see it doesn`t really apply very well and gives you little of the glitter that is in the polish without a good few coats. It is a top coat so obviously you don`t have to wear it alone but I`m not really sure what i can pair it over as the glitter is sometimes all over the place and other times nothing even hardly comes out.

Overall I`m not to fussed with this collection, maybe ill buy one full size polish but I`m sure ill find a combo for them all!

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