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4 years ago

Hey dolls, today I have a SUPER EXCITING post on the new OPI James Bond: Skyfall Collection! I am a huge fan of James Bond so of course I was so excited when I saw these. Now I do have to admit that I didn`t know about this collection until my friend mentioned it to me which is so strange because I am usually on top of new collections and know about them for months in advance but this one I had no idea about. I seem to vaguely recall hearing about it but must have forgotten it haha. Which is probably lucky since if I did I would have been waiting and waiting for it to come out. But anyways when I got home from shopping with my friends I had a look on the website that I get my polishes off and the collection had just been put up. I was soo excited and placed my order however in the day or so that the polishes were listed they sold out. So this post is a bit late because of that, I didn`t get all of the polishes as I just wasn`t in to some of them (however there are a couple more that I wouldn`t mind getting later on) but anyways lets get to it...

"Skyfall" is a deep browned red. These red browns are very popular at the moment, this polish isn`t very unique however I have been wanting one so I went ahead and got it. It`s a gorgeous colour and a great addition to my collection, the formula was good, the finish was very glossy and it was opaque in two coats.

"Casino Royal" is a plum creme. Unique... no, not really. Gorgeous... YES! This polish has probably been done by every nail polish company however out of all of those this one caught my eye. I have been looking for a colour like this and am very happy to have gotten this one. The formula was good, it was very glossy and opaque in two coats.

"Live and Let Die" is a dark forest green with gold micro shimmer. This is very pretty and the shimmer almost makes it look lit from within. I have heard a lot of people raving about this one and after seeing it in person I can see why. It looks amazing with "The Man With The Golden Gun" over it. The formula was flawless and could definitely be just a one coater, but as always I added a second.

"Goldeneye" is a warm toned gold glass fleck polish in a gold tinted clear base. In person this is more yellow and less orange than in my images. This is another gorgeous shade, on its own this polish exudes luxury (perfect for this collection) and looks like a block of gold, it also looks fab layered over other polishes. The formula was thin however easy to work with. This took three coats to get opaque seeing as it has pretty much a clear base.

"On Her Majestys Secret Service" is a pewter gunmetal grey packed full of blue, purple/pink and gold micro shimmer. Yet another gorgeous shade from this collection unfortunately I just couldn`t capture the true beauty of this polish in my pictures. This is a very complex shade full of very fine multi coloured micro shimmer. The formula was pretty thin and took three coats to be opaque. Also as other people have mentioned there is a bit of a strange smell to this one haha.

"The World Is Not Enough" is a slighlty brown toned charcoal grey with pinky/purple micro shimmer. My picture just does not do this polish justice as I wasn`t able to caputure the gorgeous pinky/purple micro shimmer. This is very similar to "On Her Majestys Secret Service" this one being a warmer version. This is another fab shade in this collection definitely one of my faves. The formula was pretty thin and needed three coats to be opaque.

"Moonraker" is a silver frost with a slight blue tint. Ah yes the frost, so many people dread these types of polishes, they show every flaw on the nail and brush strokes are pretty much un-avoidable. I initially wasn`t going to get this because of the reviews I read however after seeing swatches I changed my mind and ended up getting it. I actually quite like this, it`s unique to my collection and I don`t care what anyone says haha, I like it. The formula was definitely not the best, it was thin and pulled off the first coat in some areas when I applied the second. This could have easily been just a two coater but because of application issues I did a third. This also dried really quickly so you do have to be quick when applying it.

Tomorrow Never Dies" is a royal purple with blue shimmer. This is gorgeous! I know it`s not totally unique but I don`t care it`s soo pretty. I love these types of colours, they are really flattering and really pop on the nail. In pictures this polish is very deceiving and often looks more blue, it is on the fence of blue and purple however it definitely leans more purple than blue. The formula was good and it was opaque in two coats. I definitely think that everybody should have a colour like this in their collection. I am wearing "The Man With The Golden Gun" on my ring fingers.

"The Man With The Golden Gun", STUNNING! This beauty consists of 18k gold leaf shards suspended in a clear base. You can just have a very delicate look with just one coat or it can be built up, either way it is beautiful. I know that A LOT of people have complained about the pricing of this but you do have to remember that it is real 18k gold, there is no way that this was ever going to be the same price as an average polish. I know in the U.S. this is around $30 and some people think that is a lot so i`m not even going to mention what us New Zealanders are having to pay for this polish haha. Lets just say it will be used sparingly lol. However from the time time I found out about this polish I knew I had to have it so regardless of the price so I am happy to have this in my collection. I have just one thin coat of it over top of "Skyfall" in the picture. I love how delicate and pretty it looks (pictures just don`t do it justice).

So overall I think that this is a great collection. It`s definitely got something for everyone and the colours work well with its winter/holiday release. I am loving wearing these and I think that OPI has done a great job with the selection of colours which work really well with the Bond image. This would definitely have to be one of my fave collections from OPI. So what do you dolls think? Did you get anything from this collection???


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