OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

Last weekend, I got a spa manicure/pedicure. It was mainly because I had found a 50% off voucher and I wanted to try, since I haven`t gone to a nail salon in years. Plus, the experience of being pampered is always nice.
I know it looks like I just got black tips painted on, kind of gives it a Halloween effect.
But this is actually OPI`s Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow,
as mentioned in the title.
I tend to like colors with dark undertones. In the spirit of St. Patrick`s Day coming up, I wanted a super dark green on the tips of my nails.
However, the manicurist layered on so many coats of this polish, that it came out almost jet black.
I tried to find the right lighting to take a picture.
In real life, in some lights, you can see hints of green, but I wasn`t able to properly capture it on camera. I attempted...many times.
I`m not going to badmouth this particular salon. (There`s Yelp for that...hrm maybe I should make a Yelp account.) Maybe it was just this one particular person who did my nails was not that great at doing the French tip design. (She was very nice though.) I would think that anyone who works at a nail salon would have that down pat. Isn`t that the most basic form of nail art that ever existed? I think that maybe I could have done a better job myself
It just seemed like she could have used more of an eye for detail and make the edges more symmetrical, and more ... refined...Oh well...
Also, she layered on so many base coats and/or top coats, that the clear polish at the base of my nail started peeling in a day. The rest of the polish held up quite well for a week. I did see it start to recede at the tips though. I can`t say how well OPI performs beyond that, because I`ve already removed this nail polish, lol...all the little mistakes were really starting to bug me and I was itching to paint my nails a different color...
I do, however, really enjoy how my toes came out. I may post a picture in another post where I`m fully dressed w/ shoes to show. I don`t want to show a picture of my bare feet.

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