Operation Leap in Motion

The Motion Leap began attracting attention from the first moment it was revealed to the public. This "Kinect the Future," as he called, caused an enormous curiosity about how it would work, and we learn that uses cameras ... but in a way that will give you a skill almost "supernatural" to detect shapes and motions in 3D space with great precision (to 0.01mm).

And, what is certain is that I never get tired watching this curious machine is running, especially when you know you will have a relatively cheap price - $ 70 - when it becomes available early next year.

But the real revolution that allows this type of systems, will happen only when they "leap" or equivalent are integrated in the equipment we use, be they computers, laptops, TVs, tablets, or even smartphones. Something that has come to mean relatively very Kinect (but would become more complicated, since there depends a projector, which makes it more bulky, expensive and wasteful of energy) ... but this technology ... seems to be finally available to take this step.

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