Opera on the lake or a huge festival stage in Bregenz (Austria)

5 years ago

Bregenz is an old Austrian town, which is located in the west, on the shores of Lake Constance (it is also Constance or Lake Constance) in the upper Rhine valley. From 1946 in Bregenz festivals called "Opera on the Lake", which is one of the most incredible musical performances in the open. In addition to the important concept of the event, "Opera on the Lake" is famous for its huge floating stage. Location of Lake Constance became a place where the most famous operas were performed in the world.

Operatic scenes on Lake Constance built every two years. The fixed structure, made of concrete, does not change, it is fixed from the bottom of the lake, but the outer part of the amazing scenes ever converted. These structures include the dressing room, engine room and the orchestra pit for the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Often requires the installation of wooden piles to strengthen further the scenery.
Dimensions of the opera on Lake Constance impressive. First, they make two to three times the standard to the building was not visually "swallowed up" the surrounding objects. Second, the scene must be visible from the back rows of the hall. Another necessary condition for the construction of the stage - the construction shall be performed so that a change in the formulation of action took place easily and without noise. This is due to the fact that this scene does not have wings.
The scene is stable for all weather conditions, after two years it will have to undergo, and showers and storms, and thunderstorms and snow precipitation is 50 inches, and temperature - 20 degrees Celsius. The very construction of scenery on the stage should weigh as little as possible, because a lot of weight is created because an existing concrete foundation.

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