Open The Door With Your Fingerprint - Biometric Lock

4 years ago

Im a fan of biometric devices, there is something about using your fingerprints or scan your eyes to gain access to your computer or enter your house that seems very "007" and futuristic.
There are some new biometric locks and safes out there already, all pretty expensive but still, out there. However, its always good to have the choice and have the option of different biometric mechanisms to use and this one will let you enter your home without keys.

Its called Grabit and its a biometric lock that will scan your fingerprints in order to open the lock, so you program the fingerprints that can be used and the scanner conveniently placed on the door handle will scan your finger to see if you are allowed to open the door or not, so its more secure than regular keys.

It also has a nice feature that will let you know when the door is not fully close with an LED light that turns on and reminds you to close it.

I think in the future we will see a lot of locks like this and its something i wouldn`t mind having, at least i didn`t have to worry about my keys.

<strong>What do you think of biometric locks? Would you use them?
Do you lose your keys a lot?</strong>

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