Open cars with Android smartphones?

4 years ago

Hello luuuxers, I had heard about it but to come up again is because it is serious. Two security researchers from the United States developed a method to unlock car doors using smartphones, according to the site Geek Gadgets. The technique, created by Don Bailey and Matthew Solnik, was called "Texting War." According to the site, this was only possible because the researchers were able to intercept the messages traveling between the software and cars. They broke the protocol behind the systems and doubled in a notebook. By intercepting this communication, the researchers open the doors of a Subaru and even start the engine of the vehicle using a smartphone based on Android. The pair took only two hours to get to understand the communication between systems and recreate them from your computer. With the discovery, researchers were invited to attend the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, United States, to show the technical discovery. According to the site, the method could be used for other purposes such as manipulating remote controls, security cameras and lights. It`s the less good to be everything in our technological world ...

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