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5 years ago

The other day while my boyfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary I spotted a Greek bakery. Greek bakeries are few and far between so I HAD to stop and see what they had. Generally I can only get Greek pastry at festivals or a limited selection at a local Greek restaurant. They had one of my favorite pastries that I usually only have once or twice a year, so I HAD to snag that, they also had a cinnamon sugar topped apple turnover which was piped with whipped cream. Then this little chocolate, coconut, caramel dessert caught my eye so I got that as well it reminded me of a Samoas cookie so of course I had to get it! All of this, plus a slice of Greek pizza cost me $8. Not bad at all considering the portions were pretty big.

<strong>Heres what I picked up:</strong>

<strong>Milfay (Milfe).</strong> This is a layered whipped cream and pudding based dessert. Its layered between thin pastry sheets, making it very light and airy even though there are a number of layers. Ive had it with a Bavarian cream (at a festival) instead of pudding before but I enjoy it both ways. The top is generally sprinkled with powder sugar giving it a bit of sweetness since this is NOT an overly sweet dessert. Its very light, flakey and yummy.

<strong>Cinnamon Sugar, Apple & Cream Turnover.</strong> This was a very large, flakey turnover which was piped with regular apple turnover filling (chopped apples with an apple glaze). It was also piped with whipped cream, which wasnt sweet at all. The top of the pastry was sprinkled liberally with cinnamon and sugar, which gave it a nice crisp to the top. The sugar mustve been sprinkled on then the pastry was still warm because it had adhered to the flakey crust.

<strong>German Chocolate Cake.</strong> I found out after I ordered this, it was German chocolate cake. Whodathunkit? Its a mini version which was REALLY yummy! It was moist chocolate cake which had a bit of a caramel sauce in it, coconut and drizzled chocolate. It was rich in nature, but it was not killer Im going to give you a cavity sweet. It was very mild, which I enjoyed.

Have you ever had Greek pastry before?
Out of the 3 pastries shown and listed which would you go for?

Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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