Opa! Calamari and Greek Salad Review

2 years ago

Opa! Calamari and Greek salad

Hey Luuuxers,

I was at work this week, and I was planning on leaving early to grab some dinner when I was told that I would need to stick around for a meeting.

Unfortunately for me, I had already skipped lunch and my stomach was growling. I still had an hour to the start of the meeting, so I was looking to grab some food quickly to get me through the rest of my day.

The building I work in has a lot of restaurants and stuff nearby which is very convenient, but it also make decision making very difficult. One of my co-workers suggested heading to the food court in the building next to ours. I had thought they had gotten rid of that food court, but as it turns out they have completely renovated it and added a few new options!

My co-worker actually suggested heading to the Greek food stand called Opa! and specifically suggested the calamari with Greek Salad. She told me it is one of her favourite items and that she has had it for lunch and then gone back and ordered some more to go for dinner! Lol

I was a little weary of having calamari from a food court, but they made everything fresh to order. This meant that it took a couple of minutes, but it served nice and hot in just over 5 minutes.

I also added jalapeƱos on top of the calamari for an extra spicy kick.

As I sat there enjoying my meal, 4 other people came up to the counter and ordered the same thing. I guess that this dish is much more popular than I thought, and I`m now in on the secret!

I will definitely be making a few more trips to the food court and I`m excited to try some of the other new options as well!

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