OOTN: Venturing Into NYC Dinner Date With My Boyfriend!

5 years ago

You know those fun nights that we all love! Nights when your boyfriend tells you he is going to take you out on a nice sweet date.A fun date full of getting out a cute little outfit to impress your man, reminiscing about the past 7 years you have been together, and just laughing over a candlelight dinnerIt seems as if there is nothing like itNot to mention the perfect chance to wear throw on some sexy skinny jeans, a cute top, scarf and a ton of jewelry.A cute outfit to impress your guy

Hey even after 7 years, you still need to show him you still got it!!!

It seems as if my boyfriend and I never have a fun date night...Our schedules are literally like mashing together someone who works night until the late hours of the morning (3pm-3am), and someone who works day to night (8am-8:30 pm).....Combine the hustle and bustle of the restaurant business which includes nights of getting home at 3am, with the combination of my 12 hour work day...Add the gym on, and spending time with family and friends, and you have some hectic schedules....Days which overlap each other...Days when you wake up in the morning only to see your boyfriend for the hour it takes you to
get ready....Mix our working schedules together and we basically barely see each otherAnd we even live together!...

Needless to say we need those special date nights together!!...Nights were you get dressed up a little bit, and spend time together.Since we barely see each other, its nice to go out get dressed up all cute, and look good for your guyWe went to a fabulous restaurant, Sushi Samba, where my boyfriend works.,Once a month he gets half off, as good as it is it is super expensive to eat there, even for two people.Venturing into New York City is always a time when I need to make a statementCurl my fabulous long locks, throw on my fabulous jewelry and head out to the beautiful bright lights, fast pace of New York.I even had one of my boyfriends friends who serves there tell me I look glamorous, how gorgeous I was, brownie points for him!

So I curled on my beautiful long hair, threw on some skinny jeans, paired it with a top and some suede boots and I was ready to go!

Grey Cotton Flowy Top:

I literally love these fabulous kinds of tops!..These tops are super comfy, flowy but look fabulousThis beautiful grey top I purchased at BloomingdalesIts a beautiful flowy top which flows outward of your body, and really gives you a nice silhouette.The sleeves cape out a little and become tight towards the lower arm.This top is also quarter sleeve, and it is super long, so it really is not too short.The tone of grey is a deeper grey, which I love because I am not a fan of wearing a light grey with the scarf, and boots

I love that it is a casual top, which means it is comfy and really makes me confidentComfy for me is confident.If I am comfortable with what I am wearing, I feel good about myselfIf I feel like I cant breathe in a top, I get a little self-conscious.

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Joe Dark Skinny Jeans:

I literally wear these all the time when I go outThey are my favorite go to jeans, which I just loveThese jeans are such a dark wash, which is perfect to give you that silhouette which we all loathe to have..Since they are dark its perfect for any body type, if there was a lighter wash it would look bigger around your hips.Therefore they are the perfect jeans to go perfect with nearly anything.And these dark jeans look fabulous in contrast to the grey top, brown boots and scarfI think overall dark jeans balance everything out These skinny dark jeans are perfect..

I suggest if you do not have a super dark pair of jeans, go get someThey are a must have for any wardrobe.

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Steve Madden Suede Brown Flat boots:

I love mixing colors which normally people would never mixI mixed my grey top with these fabulous suede brown boots.These brown boots are the perfect deep chocolate color to have.They are flat boots which have a rich chocolate brown color to them, sort of like a cowboy like suede color.They have fun little tassels on the back which zipper with a gold zipper all the way up..

These rich brown suede boots look fabulous with the grey top, and really make it a interesting outfit.Not to mention it really compliments the shirt.Add on that beautiful leopard scarf, and you really have a completed outfit!

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Gap Leopard Scarf:

I decided to mix this scarf with the outfit.I did it to tie the brown suede boots, and the grey top togetherI think overall it really mixed the outfit together and made it become one..

This leopard scarf is so fun, and brings out so much character to any outfit...It is a fun leopard print, with hints of black and grey and beige...The beige looks perfect in contrast with the beige sweater....

Since the sweater was a little bland in color, I decided to add the pop of leopard scarf....The scarf adds class, and fun to the outfit!

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Jewelry is really the most important part of looking posh and put together, especially in New York City! You can be wearing a super plain top, like this grey one, mix a scarf, and a ton of jewelry and you really totally turned the outfit around..I love mixing silver with gold, and adding intricate jewelry pieces to my d├ęcor..It jazzes up the outfit!

This is my vintage piece which was my Grandma`s, I literally wear it everywhere with everything..It is such a classic piece and always accentuates all my jewelry! It is a must have with anything I wear! Vintage pieces like this can make the jewelry pop, exactly what this ring does...It accentuates the jewelry and makes it what it is!




David yurman Bangles:

What could never be complete without my fabulous David Yurman Bangles, and Ring....They just complete the whole look!

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David Yurman Ring:

Do I not wear this ring, everywhere? This is one of my go to pieces! But it looks fabulous with everything! And did I forget to mention that beautiful stone in the center just adds some color..LOVE!
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Michael Kors Gold Watch:

Gold Chain Watch:

Last Christmas my boyfriend bought me this Michael Kors Gold Chain watch! This watch is chunky and fun, and the perfect accessory......From its chunky big clunky chains, which have fabulous crystals, to the frame of its watch.....This watch is perfect and adds so much to the outfit...

I love that I layered it with my zipper bronze bracelet, they really went together perfectly!

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BeBe Hoop earrings:

These earrings are heavy, but I love them and they just make the outfit...These beautiful hoop earrings are basically a brushed black, with hints of gold, and a touch of (fake) diamonds are added.....These really stand out with the shirt, they really accentuate the sequins in the top and give it some more jazz to the outfit...Not to mention go perfectly with the top...Earrings like these are ones that make statements, and accentuate your outfits...Not to mention they are killer!

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What do you think of this outfit? How would you wear it? WHat would you wear on a date with your lover?

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