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For work I had to set myself on a fabulous little plane, and go to the heart of where my long distance relationship started...VEGAS...Well it started in Jersey, but after about 6 months it was a fabulous 3,000 miles away long distance relationship.....Needless to say it was weird to be where I used to visit my boyfriend.....

I normally do not travel for work much, but I must say I enjoyed it a lot considering I really love getting out of the office and out of the drama.....Literally for the three days I was there I was constantly on the go at a convention, in meetings, and getting to know clients....Since Vegas is all about the night life, my brother and I went out one night with a few people we met from the convention....

We all know Vegas is all about glitz and glam...The fabulous high heals, big curly hair, and sparkly smokey eye.....And I admit for once in my life packing wise I packed light so it was hard to get fully glammed up with various outfits I had to pack...I literally forced myself to go out, after working a ton of hours but I had to do it...So I threw on a fabulous red pop of color top, leather jacket, some skinny jeans and a fabulous pair of boots....

BCBG Red Silk Top:

This BCBG top is fabulous...Its sleeveless and has a fabulous beautiful deep back...The side of the shirt goes out and gives it a beautiful little flowy look to it when you walk.....This top is a beautiful pop of color red...

I wish I took a more detailed picture of the top, because it really is different and fabulous...The pop of red is the perfect color to wear for the winter time....

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Joe Dark Skinny Jeans:

Ok these are clearly my favorite jeans ever! But we all have the perfect pair that we feel best and comfy in....

I literally wear these all the time, why because they are my favorite go to jeans!!They are my favorite go to jeans, which I just loveThese jeans are such a dark wash, which is perfect to give you that silhouette which we all loathe to have..Since they are dark its perfect for any body type, if there was a lighter wash it would look bigger around your hips.Therefore they are the perfect jeans to go perfect with nearly anything.And these dark jeans look fabulous in contrast to the BCBG top, brown boots and leather jacketI think overall dark jeans balance everything out These skinny dark jeans are perfect..
I suggest if you do not have a super dark pair of jeans, go get someThey are a must have for any wardrobe.

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Bebe Beige Leather Jacket:

Since it was a little chilly out at night I had to put on a beautiful leather jacket....I love the pop of red, but the beige leather jacket really balances out the jacket...And I love that the flow of the red shows out on the bottom...I think that really makes it fun and funky...

A good beige jacket is perfect for keeping yourself warm, but also giving a great fall or winter look....

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Mattise Brown Boots:

These boots are fabulous and have an amazing heel to them...They are made of the softest leather...A rich chocolate brown leather...And they scrunch down a little and have fabulous hardware on them...The brass hardware adds a fun little detail, which I love!...

Plus I love the look of wearing this tight boots with a flowy top...I think it looks fabulous together and the brown goes great with the red top.....

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Green Lauren Merkin Clutch:

Combine the fabulous red top and this clutch and I really think they are my two favorite pieces of this outfit!! The pop of red accentuates the pop of green...Combined the red and green with the leather jacket and brown boots and it really goes together perfectly...

This Lauren Merkin bag is full of fun..Its a crocodile faux style with fun gold zipper detailing around the edges...This clutch adds a fun funky vibe to the outfit and really is different then what people normally would wear together...

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Jewelry is really the most important part of looking posh and put together, especially in VEGAS! You can be wearing a super plain top, like this grey one, mix a scarf, and a ton of jewelry and you really totally turned the outfit around..I love mixing silver with gold, and adding intricate jewelry pieces to my d├ęcor..It jazzes up the outfit!

Zipper bronze bracelet:

This chunky bracelet is one of my favorites...It gives this outfit some fun and really helps mix up the pieces of jewelry I was wearing..
Gold Owl Dome Ring:

This is my vintage piece which was my Grandma`s, I literally wear it everywhere with everything..It is such a classic piece and always accentuates all my jewelry! It is a must have with anything I wear! Vintage pieces like this can make the jewelry pop, exactly what this ring does...It accentuates the jewelry and makes it what it is!




David yurman Bangles:

What could never be complete without my fabulous David Yurman Bangles, and Ring....They just complete the whole look!

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David Yurman Ring:

Ok this is one of the perfect flashy pieces to wear, especially in Vegas!....Do I not wear this ring, everywhere? This is one of my go to pieces! But it looks fabulous with everything! And did I forget to mention that beautiful stone in the center just adds some color..LOVE!

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BeBe Hoop earrings:

These earrings are heavy, but I love them and they just make the outfit...These beautiful hoop earrings are basically a brushed black, with hints of gold, and a touch of (fake) diamonds are added.....These really stand out with the shirt, they really accentuate the top and give it some more jazz to the outfit...Not to mention go perfectly with the top...Earrings like these are ones that make statements, and accentuate your outfits...Not to mention they are killer!

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What do you think of this outfit? How would you wear it?

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