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4 years ago

This is a pretty belated post, sorry. But, about a month ago, I made /viz/haul-hm-bag-and-accessories http://www.luuux.com/design/screen-printing-home?tid={transaction_id}&aff_id={affiliate_id} about getting ready for a fraternity banquet. However, I never posted what I actually wore! :c So, here`s that post! haha.... If you follow /member/annymontany, you`ll have seen a sneak peek of my dress when she posted about her outfit for the banquet (we both attended! :D). I actually bought this dress a few years ago, I think 4 years ago so I don`t know if it`s still in production, and don`t even remember the price >< Sorry! I do remember where it is from though! :) Here`s what I`m wearing:
Dress from Forever21: The color is kind of hard to capture, but it`s a pretty cream/off-white color with light tan ribbon accents. There is a brown ribbon that goes around the waist and then another that wraps around the bust and goes over the shoulders then continues into the back, where it criss-crosses then ties into a bow (Sorry! I forgot to take a picture of the back :c). I really like the dress because the skirt of the dress is a bubble skirt, so it`s actually pretty puffy :3
Feather earrings from Forever21: I made a post about this last month so you can /viz/haul-hm-bag-and-accessories to see a close up of the earrings. They were $5.95
Cuff earrings from Forever21: I also mentioned these in my latest /viz/haul-hm-bag-and-accessories so you can read about them there. I have double pierced earlobes, so I wore the feather earrings on the bottom piercing then the cuff earing on the second piercing of my left ear just because I like the look. Even though it was covered by my hair, but still... It`s the thought that counts, right? haha. They were $4.95
Pink Envelope Clutch from Forever21: Also bought this during my /viz/haul-hm-bag-and-accessories last month and raved about how I loved it in that post. It is originally $24.90, but I used a 20% off coupon from joining the newsletter so it became $19.96
Return to Tiffany™ heart tag choker from Tiffany & Co.: I got this necklace from my aunt for my 16th birthday (so long ago... hahaha). It`s still in production though, if you want http://www.tiffany.com/Shopping/Item.aspx?fromGrid=1&amp;sku=19936562&amp;mcat=148204&amp;cid=287465&amp;search_params=s+5-p+5-c+287465-r+101323338+101288196-x+-n+6-ri+-ni+0-t+ it is $425.
Bridget from H by Halston in Natural: Maybe these shoes are little too casual looking (they ARE slingback wedge sandals...) for a formal event... But this is a fraternity banquet, you can break rules :p I wouldn`t wear these for like a formal company dinner, but for this event I bent the rules a bit on what is proper formal attire (I don`t think my earrings would be considered proper formal-wear either haha). Moreover, they matched my cream dress so I didn`t care. I got these shoes last year from Bakers when Bakers was running a redline sale where you buy one pair of clearance shoes and get another for 50% off. These are $19.99 on clearance, and were the cheaper of the two pairs I got so I got them for ~$10. Bakers still carries these shoes at the clearance price of $19.99 http://www.bakersshoes.com/p-208305-BRIDGIT.aspx?c=396 :) I do warn you, these shoes take a while to break in >< I didn`t wear them for the longest time because the first like 10 times I wore them, I got SOOOO many blisters even when I would put bandages around the edges (girl trick... hehe) :c So I avoided wearing them for a while. Lately, I`ve been wearing these as summer sandals when I am out and about because they`re quite comfortable now that they`re broken in! :) You can also kind of see how straight my hair is from the Remington straightener that I just posted and raved about haha. Since I did break so many formality rules with this outfit even though it was supposed to be a formal event, that leads me to ask... Do you ever break formality rules based on who you know is attending? (For example, I know most of the boys in this fraternity, and I knew most of the girls they were taking as dates, so I knew that wearing more casual accessories wouldn`t be frowned upon where as if I were attending a corporate mixer where I didn`t know the attendees I would`ve dressed as formal as possible)
Pictures are mine, please don`t take!! dress

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