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Hello Beauties:

Here is the outfit of the day I have "Winter" # 12 Valentines Edition. And this post will be a little longer than usual but that I explain later.Well this is what I use for Valentines. I love the blouse and had bought some time ago but didn`t know how to wear it. And I decided to combine it with skater skirt to give it a romantic and feminine look for the occasion. And yes everything was beautiful and romantic with my husband.

And had said I was going to give an idea for Valentines outfit and inspiration but yesterday I post nothing ... Well today I will post the idea and inspiration. And the inspiration is a song of a Puerto Rican singer called Tommy Torres. And the song has a pretty good message. And for me there are 4 great loves in our lives. The first is the love of God, the second is the love of our life, the third family I post the fourth Love for Life. And that`s what this song is about the love for life.

The song is in Spanish, but don`t worry I translated into English for those who don`t understand my language.
Here is my outfit of the day, the idea of the outfit and the inspiration.

Hope you like it

(Take care)


Hola Bellezas:

Aquí les tengo el atuendo del día de "Invierno" #12 edición de San Valentín. Y este post va a ser un poco mas largo de lo comun pero eso se lo explico mas adelante. Pues esto fue lo que use para San Valentín. La blusa me gusta mucho ya la había comprado hace tiempo pero pero no sabia con que ponérmela.Y decidí combinarla con la falda de patinador para darle un toque romántico y femenino por la ocasión.Y si todo estuvo bello y romántico con mi esposo.

Y como yo había dicho que iba a dar una Idea de atuendo para San Valentín y una inspiración y ayer no postie nada... Pues hoy postiare la idea y una inspiración. La misma es una canción de un cantante puertorriqueño como yo llamado Tommy Torres. Y la canción tiene un mensaje bien lindo. Y para mi hay 4 amores grandes en nuestra vida. el primero amor a Dios,el segundo el amor de tu vida, el tercero el de la familia y el cuarto Amor por la Vida. Y de eso trata esta canción de amar la vida.

Aquí les dejo mi atuendo del día,la idea del atuendo y la inspiración.

Espero que les guste


blouse/blusa: lola Store

belt/correa: Aguadilla Flea Market/Pulguero de Aguadilla

clutch/cartera:Aguadilla Flea Market/Pulguero de Aguadilla

skirt/falda:Marianne Stores

shoes/zapatos:Humberto Vidal Shoe Store

(pic#2)My Accessories/Mis Accesorios

bracelets/pulseras: Gift/Regalo

earrings/pantallas: Voga Stores

(pic#3) outfit idea/idea para atuendos


song traduction


With my glass I rise up
I have to give a toast in difficult times
Want to be with something that inspires hope
Or that hackneyed phrase "united we stand".

Let`s see what  I say to them .
I`m no fortune teller
Any forecast would be wrong.
Good times come ... No doubt it
But what do we do in the meantime?.

You only need to look around,
see so many faces full of uncertainty
And the older look so calm
For they know that everything is so relative.

They say, living in fear is no business
only for newscasts
What I`m saying is, if the future is black and white
that we live in the meantime.

Meanwhile, we live in the meantime
Let us run in the rain, barefoot
Jumping Puddle to puddle
Meanwhile we seek for that girl
which  have us delirious
Steal her a first kiss
or a few.

We live with the fear of the last day
Since the last dinosaur died
Big changes are coming according to the optimists
Better not take a step in case
The past is story
The future has arrived
Our life is going away  waiting
Everyone bet
that one day
we get out of this.

And to me what
interests me is the

we may enjoy meanwhile
We spend our lungs in the shower
singing out of key.

Meanwhile and why not
my friend grab a stranger
Give him a first kiss
or a few.

It was you disguised as yourself
who gave birth to your enemies
It was God disguised as you
who cured all the punishment.

Meanwhile to improvise
As one song say I`m still here ...
I`m still here today.

my Friend
We copy the stories
that our grandparents told us
wen we were children

For this to improve my gentlemen,
do the best intentions
as far as
this straightens up.

Meanwhile .... lets go to the field
and fall down our butts
downhill, and we catch
therapy in the mud.

look for that girl
The one that have us
so in love.
Steal her a first kiss
Tomorrow ... then we`ll see.
don`t get freeze today
meanwhile, meanwhile.

Tomorrow is another day and
today`s not over ...

my Friend, meanwhile.
my Friend, meanwhile.

Disclaimer: Some of these photographs and videos are not my property they are extracted from the Internet./Aclaratoria: Algunas de estas fotografías y videos no son de mi propiedad son extraídas del Internet.

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