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5 years ago

Sometimes it seems like black pants to wear are really a plain boring kind of thing to wear...Don`t get me wrong they are comfy, but I feel as if style wise you cannot get as creative as I wish you could...So sometimes you have to bring out the black jeans.....

So I decided to pair some black J Brand jeans, with a fun flowy feather BCBG top, and some black knee high boots....This made the outfit a little cute and transformed typical black pants casual work attire......I threw up my hair in a bun, and then later curled it..But I think throwing it up in a fun bun made it a little more business like...Or at least I told myself that....

BCBG Flowy Grey Feather Top:

This beautiful BCBG flowy top is flowy and just free..It almost looks like it flies in the wind, and really has a fun but elegant feel to it....With its beautiful fun details of the beautiful grey silk top, it really is a fun piece to add to the black jeans...

The top is extremely loose, and has beautiful detailing along the cape sleeves.....The entire shirt is a beautiful smokey light grey, and towards the sleeves the feathers are in a more deep grey and black and white pattern.....Overall this is the focal point of the outfit, and it makes a statement....

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Stem White Long tank:

Since the top is flowy and see thru I had to pair it with a tank underneath....

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J Brand J Brand Jeans:

As I always say black jeans are a great way to look fancy, but be comfy....And I have to be honest, I was over wearing black pants, it totally was not fun as it could have been fashion wise, and I love being a little different...So black jeans were it......

Black jeans are a little twist on regular black pants, and are a fabulous classic staple to have....Not to mention they basically could pass for black pants, and look fabulous!

These straight leg J Brand black jeans are the perfect way to still wear jeans, but look as if you are super dressed up...Pairing these J Brand black jeans with this BCBG flowy grey feather top really makes the look complete....It really makes this outfit classic, and accentuates the top more!!

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Steve Madden Black Flat Leather Boots:

As much as I LOVE wearing heels and wanted badly to wear some fabulous black pumps, it is unrealistic for a convention where you are on your feet literally all day long........I decided that the smart thing to do would be to wear flat boots....The black flat boots look great with the black jeans, and best of all they are comfy!! I will say I wish I could have worn heels, but I was so happy I did not, and so were my feet!

Black leather boots are a classic piece to have...These Steve Madden black flat leather knee high boots have rousing in them, and they really are a staple...They look great because they balance out that fun feather flowy grey top!

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Gold Own Dome Ring:

This is my vintage piece which was my Grandma`s, I literally wear it everywhere with everything..It is such a classic piece and always accentuates all my jewelry! It is a must have with anything I wear! Vintage pieces like this can make the jewelry pop, exactly what this ring does...It accentuates the jewelry and makes it what it is!




David yurman Bangles:

What could never be complete without my fabulous David Yurman Bangles, and Ring....They just complete the whole look!

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David Yurman Ring:

Do I not wear this ring, everywhere? This is one of my go to pieces! But it looks fabulous with everything! And did I forget to mention that beautiful stone in the center just adds some color..LOVE!
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What do you think of this outfit? How would you wear it?

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