OOTD: Disney Fantasy Cruise Costa Maya

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What I am wearing
grey lace blouse - forever 21 $20
shorts - gilly hicks $8
flip flops - cole haan (broked on that day -_-) $25
cap - Disney fantasy cruise $12 (on sale) SCORE
pearl necklace
earrines from claire $10
sunglasses - alexander mcqueen $365 from Nordstrom

I wanted to wear something very comfortable because its super hot there, but still wants to keep it cute. So I went with a short sleeve top and comfy shorts.

I went on a vacation last month on Disney Fantasy Cruise and it is the fourth ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet and sailed her maiden voyage on March 31, 2012. This massive ship features 14 decks and holds 4,000-passenger. This ship is 40% bigger than their old ships (wonder & magic) This is my first time going on cruise. The picture I`m in was at Costa Maya, Mexico my 4th day on ship. The weather there was super hot, I got some tan already from the day before at Grand Cayman Island. so you`ll see some of my pics i look dark.

I keep on seeing other ppl drinking these coconut tree shaped thing and i wasnt sure if I want it. Because I know it will be expensive considering we`re on a vacation, everything will be expensive. I walked the whole island and thought about it AGAIN because I keep on seeing ppl holding it, even young kids!! err, makes me feel left out. So I finally decided on buying one because i bought a water from a store but it wasn`t water... its soda water & WAS IN SPANISH JEEEZZZ () it tasted so bad.. & i was thirsty so I went in the bar area, walked a 360 degree and the guys there ask me to take a seat. The feeling there was exciting and fun, there was so many people dancing and singing mexican songs.

I was afraid of ordering a drink because I was under 21 that time! I just turned 21 last week tho. They didn`t ask for ID, im not surprise because they want to make more money and its mexico i dont think they`ll ever ask ID, unless I look like 10. I ordered Bahama drink, flavor in there was banana, coconut, and i forgot. lol, i mainly ordered that because it contains coconut flavor. oh it was $12.50 by the way.. very expensive but I want to keep the tree as a souvenir.

& then I this guy that works there WALKING towards me holding the sign `kiss me b4 my bf comes back` my head was thinking.. oh gawdddd somethings up. I was so scared because i dont like mexican guys *no offense* if you wonder why i dont like them its because they`re so creepy around me and keeps on bugging me and annoying me!! Okay so he putted that sign next to me _? and he kept on ringing his bells and ALL THE MEXICAN SERVERS ALL RUSH UP TO ME AND STARTS KISSING MY CHEEKS 1 BY 1!! They were a good size of like 10 guys -_-!!!

O. M. G.

I`m smart, i turned my face the other side so they can`t try to kiss my lips () anyway i think its a fun experience there.. and i never allowed any mexicans that close to me.. this is first time & will be last. This was an exception. Later on they gave me this sticker tag that saids `Beautiful princes` i was like you spelled princess wrong lol!! he said where i was like... ok add a s.

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