OOTD: An Everlong Day

So about three things.
1. This is I think, the third outfit I wore today, however it is the only one I documented.
2. This is also kind of a haul post because I just bought this today.
3. I just realized I could rotate images right before I upload them.
4. Yes I can count but I just had to ask: Have you ever heard the song everlong? Its actually pretty good, heard it on rock band:)

So today after babysitting, shopping, getting my sister from camp, and all those fun stuff that go along with it (i.e.: getting paid, doing returns, etc.) I had money to put in the bank. Long unnecessary story short, I no longer trust ATM`s, and I just realized that when it comes to shopping, I have a really short patience. Ya that`s right, the ATM screwed up my transaction; all I wanted to do was shop online:( Sorry style.ly I will visit again tomorrow. So basically, I have missed my opportunity for today.
so about this varsity jacket!!! My first, actually quite a few firsts done today like my first Maxi Dress ( to be uploaded next), and my first pay for this summer, (YAY!) , and the first time I have had shrimp in a couple of weeks c(:
Okay so now, I will finally get to the point. What I actually should be writing right now:
So ya, I will include the haul part in my haul upload next, because I do not want to make this too long, or too much of a read for you guys. The ones that actually read (y) [ for those of you who like emoticons, that`s a thumbs up)]. Ya, so This is a varsity jacket by ambiance apparel fr. Rainbow on sale for 12. (They also had new look, which I was surprised by and really tempted to get but truthfully, this one was better). And a pair of diy shorts, brand: 1st kiss. Where I got them? Ross in AZ Why? becase of the cool top half, I`ll do a post on it to show you guys)
And a belt fr. my mom, and my orme bkpk, and a blacck cami I got from marshalls a couple of years ago.
Just realized: I was decked out in my school colors. Wish the jacket had my initial, but it`s an H, Guess I can live w/ that, it looks cute et`ss say it stands for harvard _o_
/ |

supposed to be a man shrugging watevs I just made that up on the spot.
YA :) so blog ya`ll later, be sure to follow I don`t do so regularly but when I do it`s something to love <3
P.s. emoticons don`t express emotion well at all, its hard to show feeling through word. that`s when you know that someone is a good writer. :)

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