Onicidium Misaki Twinkle Obry `Only You`

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers!!

This is a Onicidium that I had purchased today from my local Trader Joe`s. It retailed for $7.99 for a 3" pottted one. They had different sized orchids there ranging from $7.99 to $19.99. I had wanted a yellow orchid for a while now so I decided to go check it out. I saw a yellow phal there but hesitated on it cause I had killed at least 4 to 5 phals before and I currently have a purple magenta phal at home and I am waiting to see it this one survives. I also killed a really beautiful nobile dendrobidium... =( If this one doesn`t die on me I will definitely go back and pick up a yellow one but for now this onicidium will do. But while I was there I saw this really really pretty almost pastel pink cymbidium there and I almost picked that one up too. But I guess I`ll wait till next year cause I have 2 at home that hasn`t bloomed since last year and I am waiting to see if I can get any blooms off of it. And I can`t leaves those in the house that`s why I bought the orchid instead. I wanted something to brighten up my house. I am a flower freak..lol.. I saw this other kind of onicidium there, the flowers almost look the the dendrobidium flowers but when I looked at the bulbs..one of them was mushy. That`s a sign that some of the roots have rotted away and while I picked it up a second time debating wether or not I should get it even though some roots were rotted..cause I was gonna repot it.. I saw this huge bug crawl under the leaf.. I was like heck no..ewwww...I put it back right away... Yes, I love flowers..but bugs..no!!!! I wish bugs doesn`t come with flowers but I know some are beneficial but not the ones that you leave in the house. okay..back to this onicidium..this one is yellow and when the flowers start to fade and die off it turns almost pure white. The flowers on this one is the same as my Dancing Lady and Twinkle Pinkie Onicidium. The only difference is that this one is yellow where as the other 2 is a purplish color, this one has a sweet scent..well it had a scent while I was taking it home in the car.. dancing lady has this chocolaty scent and twinkle pinkie has no scent at all. So yeah, this is my latest addition and I am planning on getting a yellow phalenopsis if I can care for the one I currently have. What is your favorite orchid??

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