One Sweep Eyeshadow Review!

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers. Doing a review on a product I used to have. (But unfortunatley lost, on my way to argentina.) So yeah, my eyeshadows are probably, packed with some books somewhere in colorado haha. I miss my babies. ): Anyway, I´ll just write what I remember about these ´popular´ eyeshadows.
So these are the ´new´ eyeshadows by Loreal Paris(Even though, I´ve had mine for over a year..) Anyway, the concept of this eyeshadow is to quote-on quote.
¨Achive a beautiful, professional look from our one-of-a-kind applicator. In Natural, Playful, & now Smoky, 12 expertly coordinated palettes enhance eye color like no other shadows can.¨
I had Natural & Playfil for blue eyes. So there are some huge pros, & cons to this product. So I think it would be better to make a list to compare them together.
a. The colors actually look really gorgeous. They´re not matte, but tinted. But not over-the-top glittery. It´s like creamy in a way.
b. The colors actually bring out your eyes. I used natural, & I had no mascara on, & my eyes were so huge & bright. I loved it.
c. It comes with a mirror, you can easily put the shadow on, on the go.
d. It works in one sweep, & it comes with the brush. So no worries on having a special-brush.
a. I could NOT for the love of god, put the eyshadow on straight. The colors would swipe down perfectly on the brush, but when it made contact on my face, the line was straight. Not curvy like my eyelids. So there was a straight & yet crooked line where my eyeshadow was supposed to be.
b. The clear cap on the top of the eyshadow, like the clear cover broke off. Really easily. On both of them. On the same day. So yeahhh, that was wonderful..

Thoes are the only cons, seriouslyy. I actually really enjoy this eyeshadow, if you can just put it on with a regular eyeshadow brush, it will work miracles on your eyes. I would reccomend just one to make your eyes pop, the natural works better in my opinion. Becaue the playful are better for a prom or a date, & I havent tried smoky yet. So I cannot comment on if it works or not haha, sorry loves!
I give this product a 7 out of 10 stars.
xx anna

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