One Piece Sweatshirt - Trafalgar Law

5 years ago

As I`m posting this I realize most people won`t get the reference or won`t know what this is from at all even if they are familiar with the series.

Some of you know but my absolute favorite series of all time is One Piece. It`s an anime about a boy named Luffy and his crew travelling in search of One Piece and each to accomplish their own dream. It sounds so simple but I guarantee you that the series is absolutely AMAZING! (Don`t anyone dare say that Naruto is better because I will argue with you).

Anyways, this sweatshirt is from the series One Piece. My absolute favorite character in the series wears this sweatshirt. His name is Trafalgar Law and he is one of the 11 Supernovas (and something else but at this point in the series I know for sure its spoilers so I won`t say anything). He`s quite a minor character but I love him to death and he is so freakin cool. I`ve been wanting this sweatshirt for quite a while but just haven`t gotten it.

My birthday was about last week and my friend got this sweatshirt for my birthday. I`m so enthralled and can`t wait to start wearing it. <3

So this probably doesn`t mean much to anyone even who do watch One Piece because they`ll be like, "Oh who`s Trafalgar Law again?" and of course most of you are anime...

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