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Hello everyone,

I had been thinking about which country`s secrets present to you nex. And how about little country in Europe? So let me present you Lithuania`s beauty secret which count hundreds of years.
Every single country has it own many secrets, tips and tricks which goes generations to generations, and Lithuania is not different. One of many beauty secrets, lays in tradition of bathhouses.
An old Lithuanian proverb says, Warmth wont break your bones. The saying could make quite a good slogan for a sauna advert. Since ancient times, steam baths have been used for many health benefits. Steam inhalation is perfect for treating various respiratory problems such as bronchitis, sinusitis and other throat and nasal irritations. The high temperatures improve circulation; thus, an increased blood flow brings important nutrients to subcutaneous and surface tissue, promoting cellular activity and growth. Besides, the hot sauna steam has skin cleansing powers: it helps to sweat the toxins out of the body.
A traditional Lithuanian bathhouse consists of two rooms: the waiting room and the steam room. The most important element in the Lithuanian bathhouse is the fireplace (it is interesting that at first it had no chimney - the smoke went out through the door or the hole in the roof). The usual temperature in the Lithuanian bath reaches 70-90 ÂșC and relative humidity may range from 20 to 40%. Steam is produced by splashing water on the heated rocks.
The Lithuanian bath encompasses three main procedures:
1) The first stage is heating in the steam-room, which causes the bathers to perspire, thus flushing away the impurities from the body. For the steam inhalations Lithuanians use river, lake, swamp, spring, or rain water. The list also includes various solutions of kvass, mead, beer, spirits, and about 60 different hero teas.
2) Then follows slapping the skin with twigs (often birch), which creates further stimulation of the pores and cells. For the twigs, more than 50 different kinds of plants having curing powers are known to be used.
3) After that, bathers usually wash themselves in the water. Lithuanians especially enjoy contrasting water procedures: pouring cold water on themselves, bathing in the ice-hole and rolling in the snow in winter time.
4) As the bathhouse has long been a place for curing various diseases, the general bathing procedures were often followed by a honey massage for treatment of health problems as well as for prophylactic purposes.
And to end this ritual, lithuanians likes to drink thyme tea (except if they are celebrating, then beer is prefered more). Thyme tea even got acknowledgement from one of worlds tea specialist Japan for its benefits.

Hope you didnt get bored to read it. I tried to write it shorter, but there is so many things to be told. If you have questions about lithuanians bathhouse, please leave comment below and I will try to answer ;-)
And be ready for our next beauty secrets destinations ....

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